College Consulting

Garbini Education works with each client to develop a list of colleges best suited for them based on their individual likes, wants, strengths, and needs.

Empowering and motivating you

Garbini Education and Career Consulting LLC, has the resources and expertise to help you successfully navigate the process of finding the right college based on your individual unique needs.

Knowing that each client is a unique individual we offer many different options for families to explore. You may be a Freshman or Sophomore in High School looking for help in course selection, assistance in finding summer jobs or volunteer activities to helping you develop and organize a college binder. You may be a Junior looking for assistance with college essay editing and review, finalizing a college list assistance with planning college visits or just filling out the common application. You could be senior who recently decided you wanted to go to college so we work on getting your College paperwork organized, i.e. SAT scores, ACT scores, transcripts, research colleges and universities and come up with an expedient timeline to accomplish applications essays and so on. You could also have a unique life circumstance or learning difference that makes your college search more niche and unique. No matter what your needs Garbini Education and Career Consulting has predesigned packages or customizable packages and options to meet all of your college search needs.